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The origins of ROY WESTON® date back to 1957 when Mr Roy Weston first used the trade mark in the course of conducting real estate business in Western Australia.

The ROY WESTON® business started franchising in 1983, was incorporated in 1985, and in 1999 became Roy Weston Pty Ltd.

In January 2004, the Harcourts Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, became the owner of Roy Weston Pty Ltd by acquiring 100% of the issued share capital in Roy Weston Pty Ltd. In March 2007 the company name was changed to Harcourts WA Pty Ltd.

Previously, in July 2002, Roy Weston successfully applied an application for the trademark ROY WESTON® in a class relating to real estate affairs.

In recognition of Roy Weston’s services to real estate in West Australia, in 2004 Harcourts WA held a ROY WESTON® loyalty recognition dinner.

In 2006 Harcourts WA informed all its franchisees that they intended to rebrand all ROY WESTON® offices to “Harcourts”, with the change taking full effect on 2007.  Harcourts WA continues to use ROY WESTON® as part of its commercial business affairs.

Mr Roy Weston

Roy WestonRoy Weston, whose name was for several decades synonymous with WA real estate, is considered by many industry stalwarts to be "a legend" in the annals of land development and agency practice in Perth.

He established the ROY WESTON® franchise of agencies which dominated various metropolitan property markets. Roy Weston Real Estate had 61 offices across WA and Indonesia when the company was incorporated into the Harcourts WA property group in 2004.

During his life journey, Mr Weston gained deep respect as a true gentleman within the real estate industry. He was well known and liked because of his impeccable business standards.


Roy Weston Medal and recipients

The Roy Weston Medal™ is the most prestigious award for Harcourts WA, which may only be awarded to an individual on one occasion. This award is presented annually and is named in honour of the founder of the group in Western Australia, Mr Roy Weston.

Nominations for the Roy Weston Medal™ are received from Business Owners and the nominee must have served a minimum of five years with the group. The award of the Roy Weston Medal™ is judged on a points system covering the areas of:

  • Loyalty: Length of service with the Harcourts/Roy Weston Group
  • Respect: Harcourts peer recognition
  • Contribution: Promotion and contribution to the Harcourts Group


Helen Anderson (centre) 2016 Roy Weston Medal Recipient



Honour Roll

2016 – Helen Anderson

2015 – Ben Bernacki

2014 – Wayne Bown (dec'd)

2013 – Paul Wilson

2012 – Neil Honey

2011 – Thomas Massam

2010 – Chris Calpakdjian

2009 – Adrienne Musca
2009 Alex Kotovski

2008 – Ric Gloede

2007 – David Ainger

ROY WESTON® is a registered trade mark of the Harcourts group of companies. 

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